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What you will need

1.) A valid sight test prescription under 2 years old.

2.) Your pupillary distance measurement.

Your Prescription;

Each eye has an individual prescription and is normally made up of 1 or 3 elements; a sphere on its own, or a Sphere, a cylinder and an axis.

The Sphere  element (also seen as sph)  will always be prefixed by a + or – sign. It should always be written down to 2 decimal places, please see the example below.

The Cylinder  element (also seen as cyl)  will always be prefixed by a + or – sign. It should always be written down to 2 decimal places, please see the example below.

The Axis element is a number between 1 and 180.

Your prescription will normally be written as in the example below;

                                                                     SPH             CYL         AXIS

                                                    Right      -2.25     /    -0.50    X   25

                                                    Left        -3.00

In the above example the right eye has both a sphere and cyl element, where as the left just has a sphere. Your prescription may have just spheres or spheres and cyls in both eyes.

As well as your prescription, I will need the date your eyes were tested as the prescription should not be over two years old.

Pupillary distance;

This is the distance between your two pupils when fixated on a distant object measured in millimetres (normally between 55 and 70).

Some Optical practices will supply this measurement free of charge, normally if they have dispensed you spectacles previously. This is because you have effectively already paid to have it done by purchasing spectacles. Some however will not. If you cannot obtain this measurement you can take it yourself. Please see the taking your PD help info below.

Taking your pupillary distance;

The easiest way is to simply use a mirror and a ruler, the method is as follows;

1.) You will need a good quality ruler with a millimetre scale and a quality wall mounted mirror.

2.) Position your face so it is close to the mirror, ideally a few centimetres.

3.) Place the ruler horizontally across your forehead so that the scale is just above your eye line.

4.) Now close your right eye.

5.) Using your left eye only align the "0" marker on the ruler so that it is directly above the centre of the pupil on your open (left) eye.

6.) Holding the ruler steady and in place now close your left eye and open your right eye.

7.) Using your right eye only, read off the ruler scale directly above the centre of your right pupil.

8.) You must repeat this measurement 5 times in order to make sure you have an accurate figure as it is crucial in making up quality prescription eyewear.

 Help: If after reading the information page you are in any doubt about the information you need to enter please e-mail eyearmour@hotmail.co.uk and we will get back to you the same day to help.

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